"90% of your body is water. 6% is delusion. 4% is lies.

Night Vale (via psychetronictonic)

What you want to do tonight?
I got wounds to lick in life
Oh you’ve said
Standing like a stick
This tie could invert to be a noose instead


hp history meme: {1} item

             ↳The Resurrection StoneSo Death picked up a stone from the riverbank and gave it to the second brother, and told him the stone would have the power to bring back the dead.

I just want you to know there are worlds out there, safe in the sky, because of her. That there are people living in the light, and singing songs of Donna Noble, a thousand million light years away. They will never forget her…while she can never remember. And for one moment, one shining moment, she was the most important woman in the whole wide universe.

get to know me meme: [2/10] female characters - Donna Noble

Introduction to the Body in Fairy Tales by Jeannine Hall Gailey


Neil Gaiman, Preludes and Nocturnes

He was tall as a young tree, lithe, immensely strong, able swiftly to draw a great war-bow and shoot down a Nazgûl, endowed with the tremendous vitality of Elvish bodies, so hard and resistant to hurt that he went only in light shoes over rock or through snow, the most tireless of all the Fellowship.

Billie Piper attends the Bright Young Things Gala 2014 at the National Theatre


Details of the CHANEL Fall-Winter 2014/15 Haute Couture Collection (x)


our endless numbered days - a southern gothic mix - listen

animal skins - dry the river, muddy hymnal - iron & wine, lay me down - the oh hello’s, bones and skin - mirah, the ash & clay - the milk carton kids, i follow fires - matthew and the atlas, harrisburg - josh ritter, lay me down - alison krauss, on your wings - iron & wine, love is all - the tallest man on earth, this old dark machine - james vincent mcmorrow, blue ridge mountains - fleet foxes, ghost on the shore - lord huron, we don’t eat - james vincent mcmorrow, oats in the water - ben howard, moving pictures silent films - great lake swimmers, the stable song - gregory alan isakov

The final hour

The final frontier.